The Miner Service Truck Body by Heritage Industries

In October, Heritage Industries unveiled their first Miner Service Truck Body. A traditional service truck only averages about 27% utilization. This is where the Miner is different. The Miner can run four technicians out of a single truck, drastically increasing its utilization. For the mines, this means an increase in each truck’s return on investment as well as the need for less service trucks. Less service trucks means less maintenance expenses. The Miner also features top of the line technology. Heritage developed an “industry-first” operating system with a touch screen control center, wireless remote, and data-logging capabilities. It allows functional safety and serviceability unlike any other service truck on the market.

Typically, field service trucks only have 27% utilization. This is an expensive asset for such limited utilization. The Miner Service Truck can run 4 technicians out of one truck. Drastically increasing utilization and ROI. Also, decreased expense to maintain one truck instead of 4.

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  • 14k capacity crane with 100% rating around entire truck.
  • 4 fully hydraulic powered outriggers offer exceptional safety and stability
  • Heritage Industries developed programming delivering an industry-first touch screen control center, with wireless remote, and datalogging. Allows functional safety and serviceability unlike any other product on the market.
  • EnPak A60 Auxiliary Power Unit

Full Specifications & Features


  • Isolated crane box and support structure from side packs.
  • Structural tubing torsion frame.
  • Module Frame, side pack, floor assemblies
  • Inverted compartment floors.
  • Optimized low profile drip edge.
  • Reinforced compartment tops.
  • Rugged recessing 3/8” chain loop bed ties downs.
  • Infinitely adjustable shelving tracks


  • Multi-staged open looped hydraulic system.
  • Electric over hydraulic control valving, manual override levers.
  • Independent outrigger pressure feedback.
  • 10 Micron absolute high pressure filtration
  • 10 micron low pressure return filtrations
  • CAT® Hose & fittings[/expand]


  • Functional safety programing
  • Integrated multiplexed control systems.
  • 0 7” Touch HMI ( Human Machine Interface )
  • Point to point control modules.
  • High amperage voltage regulating solid state auxiliary lighting, valve drivers
  • High intensity LED lighting
  • Integrated 75 Amp battery charger


  • 250 PSI rated SOR( Separator, Oiler, Regulator )
  • 40 Gallons air reservoir
  • HD polycarbonate duel pedestal air reels.


  • 30 Gallon reservoir
  • 4-way reversal valving
  • 1” 1:1 ratio double diaphragm waste oil pump.


  • E-Track bed cargo tie down system.
  • Powder coated

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