Miller® EnPak® Power Systems Reduce Work Truck Operating Costs

Using a work truck’s engine for jobsite power means higher annual operating costs. Save money with a Miller EnPak power system!

One machine. Multiple solutions.

EnPak can operate many types of jobsite equipment, including a wide range of powerful, versatile Miller® welding and plasma cutting machines. With EnPak and the right Miller machine for the job, those jobs can get done right — and socan many other jobs requiring auxiliary power, compressed air and hydraulics.

High-quality generator output for high-quality welds.
Strong, clean welds come from strong, clean generator power. EnPak’s Accu-Rated™ 6,000-watt output is measured under real-worldoperating conditions for the real power welders need. Welders also need clean power to produce stable arcs. EnPak’s generator uses advanced wave filter technology to deliver power with fewer spikes and a smoother waveform. The result is exceptional arc performance for all applications — especially critical welds that can’t be compromised.

Powerful, portable, versatile welding and cutting options.
EnPak is a perfect power source for reliable Miller machines that deliver high-quality MIG, Stick and TIG welds, as well as carbon-arc gouging and plasma cutting capabilities. These machines’ advanced digital inverter technology delivers big performance that’s found with much larger, heavier equipment — but weigh around 30 pounds or less, and can be easily moved and used by a single operator.

EnPak Trusted Partners

Heritage Industries is your full line EnPak partner. Contact us today and we’ll help you find the best solution to your job.

The EnPak A28 is the industry-leading power solution that gives work trucks and crews more capabilities, while reducing expenses and boosting profitability. Containing an air compressor, welder and generator, the EnPak A28 delivers the reliability and performance you expect from Miller.

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Installing the EnPak® A30 means operators can shut their truck engines off, eliminating unnecessary idling while still allowing them to power jobsite tools. The result is dramatically reduced truck maintenance costs and fuel consumption, increased productivity, and lowered risk of downtime caused by DPF failures, regenerations, and other truck engine-related problems.

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EnPak® A60 power systems reduce operating costs and extend work truck life while improving jobsite conditions. Powered by a fuel-efficient diesel engine, A60 systems support busy jobsites with an air compressor, generator and available hydraulic pump — all with the work truck’s engine turned off.

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